Reshape and Improve Sensation to Your Genitals with our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Female genital cosmetic surgery is extremely common today.   While classified as a cosmetic surgery, it can have some very impressive benefits to your overall sexual gratification. Many of the procedures we offer have even been used to help reduce or eliminate many of the symptoms related to stress urinary incontinence (loss of urine when coughing, sneezing, exercising or laughing).

The Physicians at Dr. Curves® are trained and experienced in a wide range of different laser vaginal rejuvenation surgeries which has helped thousands of patients improve their sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. Every patient is given a comprehensive consultation to help discover exactly what type of procedures they need to get the results they desire.

We have a variety of different procedures available, which allows the doctor to choose the exact approach to help you achieve the beautiful results you desire. When the procedure has been completed, you will enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Improved sensation during sexual stimulation
  • More beauty in the genital area
  • Natural appearance
  • Improved tightness

Of course, there will be many other benefits that will depend on the specific issues you are looking to address, and the type of procedure that you choose. We offer a variety of options including laser vaginal rejuvenation, laser reduction labiaplasty, fat transfers, and much more.

Dr. Curves Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Services

Face Procedures

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation®

Dr. Curves has taken the most advanced training possible to help ensure he is able to perform the best and most effective procedures possible.

Body Procedures

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty®

You will love the amazing results from each of our procedures. Every surgery is customized to the individual to meet their specific needs.

Body Procedures

G-Spot Augmentation®

From the moment you walk in for your consultation until you have completed your recovery, you will be treated with care and respect by the doctor and staff.

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